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I was born April 3rd, 196o. In the Texas Panhandle....Lubbock, Texas. I've resided (in chronological order) Memphis, TN., Houston, TX., Fullerton, CA., Cranford, NJ., New Orleans, LA., Atlanta, GA., Los Angeles, CA., Dallas, TX., and currently Palo Alto, CA.

I began playing piano at age 7, and guitar at age 15. Being adopted and moving every 4-5 on average, I got used to making new friends, any and everywhere i'd roam. Graduated from River Oaks High School in Jesuit Bend, LA. and Attended Louisiana State University, Studying Music Composition, in hopes to one day Score music to Film and TV. Two years later, I found myself thrown into the role of Lead Singer/Guitarist, for the punk rock band, RED ROCKERS (CHINA, GOOD AS GOLD, GUNS OF REVOLUTION...) with my 2 best friends from the  'hood, James Singletary and Darren Hill...

After 3 LPS, countless 12" dance mixes, 4 MTV videos and a half dozen American Tours later, with the likes of Men at Work, Joan Jett, The Go-Gos, The B-52's, U2, and Bob Dylan...I decided to spread my wings and released my first solo LP, SON OF AN ENGINEER (1989 Laughing Gravy Music).

ALUMINUM (2001) and APPLES AND ONIONS (2004) were to follow. I am currently (9-20-2-019) working on a new LP and a sampler disc from my FILM and TV Music Licensing Company, iSourceMusic. 

I have been producing, composing, writing, recording and traveling the universe for 40 years. I hope you like what you hear and see. 

​Peace, JTG